Concerned about the ominous growth of White Identity Politics? Want to REALLY “fight nazis”?

It’s simple: Renounce and end societal & institutional support for anti-white politics, and admit that privilege theory has failed.

This has been obvious to me, as it has to many of my gen-x peers, since I became aware of just how culturally mainstream casual hatred of white people & “whiteness” had become. I was shocked and horrified when I was made aware of media like “MTV decoded”, Buzzfeed’s constant lists of things white people should do, or stop doing, mainstream support and promotion of explicitly anti-white rhetoric from celebrities like Lena Dunham. It wasn’t long before I’d tracked this phenomenon back to it’s source: critical theory, race&gender intersectionality, and privilege theory, being taught by academics to university students across the west.  While many of us weren’t paying attention, a whole generation was taught that racism was something that couldn’t happen to white people, and that actions&attitudes that constituted racism against other races were simply a way of redressing some historic balance that was unfairly weighted in white people’s favour. Whites were expected to defer to non-whites in any and all issues involving identity, or face the consequences of being labeled as bigots. Conveniently it would seem, the same people claimed that EVERY issue was about identity.

This paradigm shift in approach to identity issues caught most white people unawares. Intending to show that they did not espouse the racism of their ancestors, as modern white people are wont to do, most of them went along with the recommendations and rhetoric of the academic experts & their Millennial acolytes in the spirit of good faith. “They’re the experts and the minorities after all, let’s trust what they have to say about the subject.” was the typical deferential attitude of socially aware whites who instinctively avoided identity-based controversies. This tendency to acquiesce, combined with notable examples of the consequences for not doing so (ranging from labeling as racist to loss of employment&livelihood) lent itself to a defacto acceptance of what would come to be known as “Social Justice Warriors” as the authority on all issues of identity.

The obvious and monumental stupidity of thinking that mainstream acceptance of double-standards based on race&gender could EVER  be a good idea in a society that aspires to end racism & sexism STILL causes me to shake my head…how did they ever convince themselves this would work?

The theory is, of course, that only by recognizing inherent and systemic preference for certain identities, and taking actions to counter or mitigate these unfair advantages, can equality and justice be achieved.
The proponents and theorists behind this social construction project somehow failed to appreciate a crucial reality: Solutions to societal problems seem simple when you think of people in terms of groups, but individuals rarely prioritize their participation in another’s  statistic. What looks like a straight forward re-balancing of a pattern of inequality to one who thinks in terms of groups, is pure injustice to the individual who hasn’t personally contributed to that inequality.
The solution to this problem? Apparently social justice advocates thought that shaming and admonishing whites to “check their privilege” ought suffice to convince white individuals to accept anti-white discrimination and vilification without complaint as a deserved part of a racial debt they collectively owed as white people. 
Only the out of touch, the idealistic young, or devout collectivists can have such disregard for the individual.

These people really thought that individuals in a free society would accept “it’s for the greater good” as justification for discrimination and condemnation for actions they didn’t commit.

It’s really that simple. That’s their moral justification for supporting racial hatred and discrimination against whites as a group, while also claiming that it doesn’t count as racism.

But the individual KNOWS when a crime has been committed against them. When an individual is punished for the actions of another, or for things they could not choose, such as skin colour, they instinctively know this to be a fundamental injustice and crime against their person, even if they ARE white, it turns out.

The rise of white identity politics is the failure of privilege theory’s implementation in the real world, specifically it’s failure to recognize & respect the plight of the smallest minority: the individual.

Those of you in the progressive left who still haven’t figured out where all the white nationalists came from all of a sudden? Look no further than yourselves. Turns out that nothing sells identity politics & tribalism like countless examples of society hating & scapegoating your identity. Who woulda thought?

Anyone genuinely interested in opposing White Identitarianism should focus on removing support for anti-white rhetoric and attitudes from mainstream institutions and academic disciplines, and discourage the general perception of such positions as somehow more acceptable than hatred for any other race or identity category.
If we fail to do these things, we have no grounds as a society, or individuals, to condemn or look down our noses at white identity politics or the people who subscribe to them.

Goddamnit, it’s bloody ridiculous that this even has to be explained to people in (current year), and we should all  feel ashamed and embarrassed for letting it get to this point.



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